Wer Wind sät (Those Who Sow The Wind)

A night watchman is found dead in the stairway of a wind turbine company in Kelkheim. In addition to that, a dead hamster, serving as a “claim of responsibility”, is placed provocatively on the company owner’s desk. The pathologist Henning Kirchhoff diagnoses an unnatural cause of death as well as severe broken ribs due to a failed reanimation attempt. While Oliver von Bodenstein (Tim Bergmann) and Pia Kirchhoff (Felicitas Woll) investigate amidst the citizens’ initiative „No Wind Turbines in the Taunus“, Bodenstein’s father finds his old friend brutally executed on his farm. Yet Ludwig Hirtreiter (Bernd Stegemann), head of the citizens’ initiative, did not only have enemies among the wind power supporters. A severe storm starts to brew over the Taunus.




  • Genre: Crime (Adaption of bestselling crime series)
  • Writer (novel): Nele Neuhaus
  • Writer (screenplay): Anna Tebbe
  • Director: Marcus O. Rosenmüller
  • DoP: Tomas Erhart
  • Cast: Tim Bergmann, Felicitas Woll, Nadeshda Brennicke, Michael Schenk, Kai Scheve, Ulrike C. Tscharre, Rainer Sellien, Sven Gielnik, Aleksandar Tesla, Katrin Filzen, Bernd Stegemann, Edgar M. Böhlke, Peter Benedict, Jens Schäfer, Julika Jenkins, Mimi Fiedler, Sebastian Kroehnert, and many more




  • Publisher: Ullstein/List
  • More than 6 million sold copies in Germany
  • All 7 parts were registered in the bestseller register (Spiegel magazine)
  • Snow White Must Die: the best sold fiction paperback for 8 weeks (Amazon)
  • Sold in 25 countries worldwide
  • Snow White Must Die: Gold Edition because of 1 million sold copies