Schneewittchen muss sterben (Snow White Must Die)

Altenhain. A quaint little village amid the beautiful woodlands of the Taunus region. But the fassade of the seemingly ideal world starts to form cracks when ex-convict Tobias Satorius (Vladimir Burlakov) returns to his former home and reopens old sores the community had rather forgotten…


Eight years ago, after a trial based on circumstantial evidence, 19 year old Tobias had been convicted as the murderer of Stefanie Schneeberger (Gloria Endres D’Oliveira). The even-aged belle of the village, who enacted the part of Snow White in a school play, turned the heads of every male villager. Not only Tobias Satorius and his schoolmates were under her spell but also headmaster Gregor Lauterbach (Hartmut Volle). Shortly after Satorius’ return to Altenhain the headmaster’s body is found. In the woods. He has hung himself.


Was it murder or suicide? Oliver von Bodenstein (Tim Bergmann), chief of the criminal investigation department Hofheim, and inspector Pia Kirchhoff (Felicitas Woll) investigate the case of Lauterbach’s murder and soon are confronted with Altenhain’s sinister history. Digging deeper and deeper, the detectives come across a multitude of abysms and dark secrets. On top of all this, Pia has to struggle with traumatic memories from her past and grass widower Oliver has to cope with his two pubescent kids.


Meanwhile, 17 year old Amelie, a defiant teenager, tries to provoke the stuffy villagers by dressing up as Snow White. Suddenly, she disappears without a trace. Time is running out. Did Satorius strike again? What role does his girlfriend Nadja Bredow (Anna Unterberger) play in this story? And which skeleton does the family of industrialist Christine Terlinden (Ulrike Kriener) have in their closet? Kirchhoff and von Bodenstein do their uttermost to save Amelie and to finally solve the crime that has happened eight years ago. SNOW WHITE MUST DIE is the first case the Taunus investigators have to crack and an exciting challenge for both of them.



  • Genre: Crime (Adaption of bestselling crime series)
  • Writer (novel): Nele Neuhaus
  • Writer (screenplay): Henriette Piper
  • Director: Manfred Stelzer
  • DoP: Johann Feindt
  • Cast: Tim Bergmann, Felicitas Woll, Vladimir Burlakov, Ulrike Kriener, Florian Bartholomäi, Anna Unterberger, Sarah Horváth, Brigitte Karner, Julian Weigend, Michael Schenk, and many more
  • TV premiere on the ZDF channel: 25th February 2013 (6.76 million spectators, TV rating: 19.7%)



  • Publisher: Ullstein/List
  • More than 6 million sold copies in Germany
  • All 7 parts were registered in the bestseller register (Spiegel magazine)
  • Snow White Must Die: the best sold fiction paperback for 8 weeks (Amazon)
  • Sold in 25 countries worldwide
  • Snow White Must Die: Gold Edition because of 1 million sold copies