VISUS – The secret of the ark

The Plot:

ROBERT KÄSTNER (Stephan Luca) is already used to the unconventional research methods of his uncle Professor SÖRENSEN (Michael Gwisdek). So far every single of his endeavours has reliably ended in total chaos and Robert doesn’t expect it to be otherwise this time when his uncle asks him to travel to Tuscany. One of his colleages has gone missing and Sörensen suspects that something unusual might have happened to him.


Robert rather reluctantly agrees to do his uncle the favour and travels to Italy. Little does he know that he’s not following one of his uncle’s crude theories this time, but that he will soon be part of an unbelievable discovery.

First of all he has to realize that it’s too late to meet his uncle’s colleague alive, but before he is able to give it too much thinking, he’s barely able to escape the killers himself. Despite the suddenness of his escape Robert is able to take with him a picture and an ancient Armenian handwriting from the victim’s home. Deciphering the picture isn’t a big deal, it seems to contain hints to a medieval Marian image, probably created by a painter called Visus during the peak times of the Plague epidemic. Contrary to that the ancient handwriting even seems to puzzle the Professor: Were both the picture and the handwriting the reason why the Italian Professor had to die?

In order to sort things out Robert and his uncle need help: This time Robert has to travel to Yerevan in Armenia where he is supposed to meet Sörensen’s assistant ANAHIT (Julia Molkhou), the only person capable of deciphering and translating the old Armenian scripts.

The first meeting of Robert and Anahit is abruptly interrupted by shots fired from a luxury car driving by and Robert learns that Anahit has only just escaped with her life for the second time. She reports that she has just returned from an extensive expedition to the bottom of the sea and that she made an incredible discovery there: „God’s Eye“. After the discovery, however, the relic has been stolen and the crew has been infected with a mysterious virus.


Robert and Anahit try to fit the puzzle pieces together: Who’s in possession of the „God’s Eye“ now and why was it stolen from the ship?


They hardly believe their own eyes when they manage to decipher the ancient script. It is a travel report written by the painter Visus, which sets them on the track of one of the deepest secrets of mankind: There is not just one “God’s Eye”, but there must be a second one. If both of them are brought together, a catastrophy of unimagined magnitude seems possible – a second deluge, the Apocalyse!


Robert and Anahit get ever deeper dragged into a maelstrom of mysterious incidents. They are still followed, but the ultimate riddle is still not solved, the world hasn’t been saved: Who is trying to make use of the monstrous power of the relic? Is it really a Plague-like virus that has been washed up from the bottom of the sea? And what does the Brotherhood of Mercy have to do with the secret?


Robert and Anahit are in great danger as they have already come far too close to the big mystery…




3 May 2011

News articles on the broadcast of “VISUS – Expedition Arche Noah”

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Visually speaking (camera: Jo Heim) „Visus – Expedition Arche Noah“ is the most perfect RTL-flirt with the classic adventure movie. The cast with Stephan Luca as the soft and handsome saviour, Michael Gwisdek as the nutty Professor, Hilmi Sözer as the witty (but never silly) sidekick and Jean Yves Berteloot as the bad boy match smoothly.. (…) If you love the genre, you’ll definitely have fun with Tobi Baumann’s event-movie.”




28 April 2011

Broadcasting date fixed

A broadcasting date has been found. On 2 June 2011 at 8.15 pm “VISUS – Expedition Arche Noah” will be broadcastet on RTL!


30 August 2010

Shooting of “Visus – Das Vermächtnis der Arche” is finished – Production of motion picture “Kein Sex ist auch keine Lösung” about to start

The shootings of “Visus” were finished some weeks ago. The film is currently undergone post-production. From mid-October the cinema adaptation of the bestselling novel “Kein Sex ist auch keine Lösung” starring Stephan Luca, Marleen Lohse, Armin Rhode and Corinna Harfouch will be shot.


15 April 2010

“Visus – Das Vermächtnis der Arche”: The ark is on its way

Since mid-April the shooting is taking place in Istanbul and Cappadocia. Until mid-June the shooting will continue in Italy and North Rhine-Westphalia. The exciting event-movie, co-produced with RTL, is funded by the FFF Bayern and the Film Foundation NRW.


20 July 2009

Annette Reeker seeks Noah’s Ark

Follow the link to find the current news article from the Kress Report (also view heading Press Releases)

“The TV-producer, originally stemming from Cologne, who has been getting involved in the film and television market of Munich since the start-up of her firm all-in-production at the start of the year, has received the go-ahead from RTL for an ambitious new Mysteryfilm-project. Recently…”