Meine Frau, ihr Traummann und ich (My Wife, Her Dream Man and I)

Richard (Axel Milberg) is deeply convinced that there is nothing but harmony in his marriage. And he is sure, his wife Charlotte (Ulrike Kriener) couldn’t have found a better guy: He is successful, he makes her laugh,… He simply is the perfect husband! The dream-couple will celebrate its 25th anniversary soon, their dream-son is moving out, and now it’s finally time to fulfill another one of their dreams: a peaceful life in their new residence on the island of Lesbos, Greece. Richard is nothing but content with himself and his life…


…Until Charlotte stumbles over this internet-dating-site. And she gives it a try – just for the fun of it, and to cheer up her best friend. Yet, soon she is contacted by HIM – Thomas (Hendrik Duryn), the man of her dreams. Their profiles show a 98% match!


Richard, isn’t impressed at all. How could a “virtual Superman” be of any danger to him and his 25 years of marriage?!

However, Charlotte realizes: Somewhere out there, there is THE ONE!. And crosschecking she proves: Her own husband only offers a 14% match. If she was single, she would have simply sorted him out! Once the idea is planted, it starts growing, and Charlotte starts doubting her happy marriage…


Richard ignores her doubts, because he simply knows – he’s a good catch! Exceptional even! An all time winner! His friend Stefan (August Zirner) on the other hand, is an all time loser, Richard believes. They went to art school together. Stefan works as a restorer, not exactly succeeding in business. Also Richard doesn’t envy him one bit for being stuck with this young but annoying wife together with their tedious toddler. Richard became a successful photographer (though he merely takes pictures of liver sausage for rather cheap advertising leaflets) and his marriage with Charlotte is simply outstanding. He’s simply a stunner!


Soon, however, Richard has to adjust his self-perception, when Charlotte starts dating “Mr. 98%”, and the “virtual Superman” also manages to impress in real life.


What does a man do, who doesn’t match his wife but loves her?

He fights for her.




  • Genre: Best Ager Comedy
  • Project: TV movie (ZDF)
  • Screenplay: Georg Weber
  • Director: Walter Weber
  • DoP: Volker Tittel
  • Cast: Axel Milberg, Ulrike Kriener, August Zirner, Hendrik Duryn, Saskia Vester, Katharina Lorenz, Jonathan Beck, Albert Kitzl, Ulrike Tscharre, Philipp Sonntag, Samantha Capko, Klaus Steinbacher, William Newton, and many more
  • TV-Premiere: 15th December 2014