BIG BAD WOLF (Taunus-Crime Series Part 6)

The body of a sixteen-year-old girl has been washed up on the banks of the Main river. The autopsy reveals that the girl had been brutally abused for years.


Only a few days after the recovery of “The Mermaid”, the famous TV presenter Hanna Herzmann is found in her garage, brutally raped and heavily injured. Shortly after, the body of Hanna’s psychologist, Leonie Verges, is found in the basement of a mental institution. Having died of thirst while being filmed, she has had a torturous and sadistic death.


The three cases mystify Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein – only gradually they figure out a connection between the crimes and eventually come across a much bigger secret.


In “Bad Wolf”, Nele Neuhaus again succeeds in constructing a highly enthralling puzzle, which is put together only shortly before the end, when a great showdown takes place. The eponymic “bad wolf” has many faces and identities.




  • Genre: Crime (Adaption of bestselling crime series), two-part movie
  • Writer (novel): Nele Neuhaus
  • Writer (screenplay): Anna Tebbe
  • Director: Marcus O. Rosenmüller
  • DoP: Stefan Spreer
  • Cast: Tim Bergmann, Felicitas Woll, Michael Schenk, Kai Scheve, Harald Schrott, David Rott, Michael Mendl, Jürgen Tarrach, Natalia Wörner, Alex Brendemühl, Emma Bading, Bella Bading, Claudia Geisler-Bading, Jenny Elvers, Jennifer Ulrich, Teresa Harder, Walter Kreye, Jens Schäfer, Hans-Martin Stier, Karin Hanczewski u.a.
  • TV premiere on the ZDF channel: 11th January 2016 (Part 1 – TV rating: 21,6 %, 7.27  million spectators) & 12th January 2016 (Part 2 – TV rating: 22,1 %, 7.27 million spectators)



  • Publisher: Ullstein/List
  • More than 6 million sold copies in Germany
  • All 7 parts were registered in the bestseller register (Spiegel magazine)
  • Snow White Must Die: the best sold fiction paperback for 8 weeks (Amazon)
  • Sold in 25 countries worldwide
  • Snow White Must Die: Gold Edition because of 1 million sold copies