Eine unbeliebte Frau (An Unpopular Woman)

During the excursion of a day-care centre into the forest the little Marie Kerstner suddenly disappears without a trace. The police investigators Oliver von Bodenstein (Tim Bergmann) and Pia Kirchhoff (Felicitas Woll) search the area and find the body of a suicide victim: Chief prosecutor Hardenbach (Horst-Günter Marx) shot himself with his hunting gun. Is there any connection between his death and the disappearance of the young Marie?


Marie’s father, the veterinarian Dr. Michael Kerstner (Arnd Klawitter), is worried sick about his little daughter, but when he is questioned about his wife, he avoids answering these questions. Marie’s cruel mother never cared for her child and recently left the small family.


Pia and Oliver visit the widow of the chief prosecutor (Ursula Karven) in order to bring her the news of her husband’s death. They find her at Gut Waldhof, an exclusive estate, where the local high society meets regularly.

Once they have arrived there, they are called to another crime scene: the corpse of a young woman is found beneath a castle tower – Isabel Kerstner (Doris Golpashin), Marie’s mother. What at first glance looks like a suicide soon turns out to be a murder. One of the victim’s shoes is missing and it cannot be found either on the tower or in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene.

The autopsy reveals that Isabel was intoxicated with an anaesthetic, which is predominantly used in veterinary medicine, and was rushed into death. And Marie is still missing.


Oliver and Pia are now looking for a murderer, who probably kidnapped Marie, too. Initially, Kerstner is the main suspect, but he has an alibi for the night of the crime. But the circle of suspects increases rapidly, since Isabel was a talented horsewoman who was hated by almost everyone at Gut Waldhof.

Being decried as a scheming but beautiful witch, she manipulated the high society women as well as their husbands. Isabel’s arch enemies were Hardenbach’s widow as well as the former owner of the estate, Marianne Jagoda (Dörte Lyssewski), who became impoverished after her divorce.

What is more, the dubious forwarding agent Friedhelm Döring (Jürgen Maurer) also had a relationship with Isabel and used her special knowledge, which she possessed due to her affairs with influential men, for his own interests.


What at first looks like a crime of passion takes on a different dimension. Has Isabel tried to blackmail the wrong person? Time is running out and still nobody knows, in whose custody the little Marie is held…




  • Genre: Crime (Adaption of bestselling crime series)
  • Writer (novel): Nele Neuhaus
  • Writer (screenplay): Anna Tebbe
  • Director: Thomas Roth
  • DoP: Philipp Timme
  • Cast: Tim Bergmann, Felicitas Woll, Ursula Karven, Jürgen Maurer, Arnd Klawitter, Dörte Lyssewski, Doris Golpashin, Julia Bremermann, Anne Diemer, Anke Sevenich, Julika Jenkins, Moritz Fischer, Julian Weigend, Michael Schenk, and many more
  • TV premiere on the ZDF channel: 13th May 2013 (TV rating: 22 %, 7.09 million spectators)



  • Publisher: Ullstein/List
  • More than 6 million sold copies in Germany
  • All 7 parts were registered in the bestseller register (Spiegel magazine)
  • Snow White Must Die: the best sold fiction paperback for 8 weeks (Amazon)
  • Sold in 25 countries worldwide
  • Snow White Must Die: Gold Edition because of 1 million sold copies