Broadcasting date of “Sleepless in Schwabing”

On September 1st at 8:15 p.m. our movie “Sleepless in Schwabing” will be broadcasted on the German TV channel ARD.


The plot:

FANNY (Mariele Millowitsch), an attractive woman in her early 50s, is extraordinarily successful as a business consultant. In her agency, run by Fanny together with ROLAND BECK (Ulrich Gebauer), she’s the one who knows how to deal with the clients – it’s basically like a game: Shrewdly she makes use of her abilities to see through cause and effect relationships and to play off everyone against everyone in order to reach her own ends.

Up until now nothing and nobody could ever unnerve her, not even Roland when he ran off with a younger woman 20 years ago… On the contrary: Since then Fanny has even fought tougher than before. Losing has never been an option for her, neither in private nor in professional matters – and her success has proved her right!

But now a promising client from China asks Fanny to gather information about the business of a somewhat oddly sympathetic fellow professing in the invention of games and toys. The Chinese entrepreneur is interested in buying the German company. Fanny soon realizes that its owner, the widowed CHRISTIAN (Jan-Gregor Kremp), is an old acquaintance of hers. Anyway, personal relationships have never interfered with Fanny’s professional success and this rule is not to be changed!

While being spied on by Fanny, Christian tries to save his business, placing all his hopes on a new game he has almost finished developing. Fanny experiences unknown seconds thoughts the better she gets to know Christian and tries to swallow her moral qualms. Moreover, Fanny’s 20-year-old nephew FLORIAN (François Goeske) seems to get along particularly well with Christians daughter MARIE (Anna Hausburg), which doesn’t make it easier for Fanny at all. While Fanny and Christian get closer to each other, the clients are getting hotter on her heels. Finally Fanny has to play one final game before everything ultimately changes for her…